Luxury Trailer Has Enough Power to Charge a Tesla Cybertruck

Luxury Trailer Has Enough Power to Charge a Tesla Cybertruck

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Luxury trailer company Living Vehicle (LV) has released its new camper called, simply, the 2021 Living Vehicle.

The high-end camper features a wealth of luxury amenities while also allowing for off-grid living for weeks and even months at a time, alongside the capability to charge an electric vehicle on solar energy.


The 2021 Living Vehicle is the result of a collaboration between LV and Volta Power Systems, which sees the new camper include the highest capacity lithium-ion system available in any luxury trailer to date.

"To enjoy true off-grid living, access to reliable energy is a necessary and life-sustaining resource for safety, health, and comfort," Living Vehicle Cofounder Joanna Hofman explained in a press release.

"Our customers value the flexibility to avoid RV parks and stay anywhere with all the luxury comforts of shore power," she continued.

The 2021 Living Vehicle's new power system offers up to 3080 watts of solar power and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage. That's enough power to charge electric vehicles "at rates of up to 44 miles per charge-hour using optional 240-volt exportable power," the company explained. For a full rundown of the specifications have a look here.

The fact that Living Vehicle’s 2021 models support exportable power for EV charging directly from the trailer, makes for a powerful combo that has the potential to allow owners to go to some really remote locations while having the safety of being able to charge their EV on solar at a pinch if they really need to.

"We have many new features along with increased power that are relevant in today's COVID world, including a mobile office for all the newly found remote workers out there," Joanna Hofman also explained to Interesting Engineering by email.

Impressively, the 2021 model can run two AC's completely off of solar, she explained, making for a cool living and even working environment.

That mobile office option — which sees the trailer's bed fold out of the way to make a spacious workspace — means it might just be the best option currently on the market for rich people to escape the coronavirus — it is worth mentioning of course, that the 2021 model comes in different sizes, starting at $229,995.

"Many of our customers have down-payments on electric trucks like Tesla’s Cybertruck or the Rivian, which require access to reliable charging for long-term off-grid use," Hofman explained in the press release.

"With the ability to export high-voltage power from the Volta system, Living Vehicle models will be able to quickly and sustainably charge these tow vehicles or companion cars using stored energy."

What with electric vehicle charger innovations such as bidirectional chargers from Wallbox that allow for electricity to be easily transferred to and from a car, that's quite an attractive proposition.

We can imagine a not-too-distant future where electric vehicles, campers, and sustainable homes interchange energy, allowing owners to live sustainably off the grid for periods of time that wouldn't have previously been possible.

Living Vehicle even has a "ten-year goal to incorporate technology for LV to produce its own water and food resources to achieve complete self-sustainability."

Have a look at a short promo video of the 2021 Living Vehicle below, as well as a full interior tour here and a full exterior tour here.

Sustainable living off the grid is one of those dreams that has seemed just out of reach for many. With innovations like the 2021 Living Vehicle, it's looking more and more like it could become a feasible, and even a surprisingly luxurious, proposition.

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