7+ Photos of This Year's International Photography Awards Winners

7+ Photos of This Year's International Photography Awards Winners

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To move, to change, to feel, and to evolve: This year's International Photography Awards (IPA) One-Shot competition focused on these elements, more specifically how we can convey the concept of sport in one single frame, aka "Movement."

IPA has announced its incredible winners, and they show the humans, animals, and machines in different states of motion.


Professional and amateur photographers create and compete

IPA sticks out from the rest of the big annual competitions due to the fact that it allows professional and amateur photographers to create and compete with each other.

Hossein Farmani, the founder of IPA, stated, "The concept of movement, change, and evolution is a great concept to explore through photograph. It’s fascinating to see how photographers of all levels capture the concept in many forms — universal, abstract, human, robotic, human and machine."

"Even though the whole planet seems to have been almost stagnant, through these images we see life continuing, life moving forward," Farmani continued. "Congratulations to all the talented photographers who participated in this event."

Competed in five categories

Photographers have captured life in motion through categories such as Fine Art, Nature, People, Street Photography, and Technology/Machine. Anne Mason-Hoerter won Photographer of the Year award with her beautiful image of wild carrots:

We picked out favorites from the other winners of each category. From a too-cool Porsche to a dog who thinks it's an arrow, here are some of them:

1. Porsche Type 64 Ice Race - Richard Seymour

Tracking shot of a replica Porsche Type 64 at the 2020 GP Ice Race at Zell am See, Austria.

2. Moonlight over the Atlantic - Christiaan van Heijst

"Full moon. About to cross 30 West, halfway a stormy Atlantic Ocean when the radiant moon ascents above the horizon."

3. Wallace Flying Frog - Chin Leong Teo

"Wallace’s Flying Frog is a moss frog found in Malaysia and western Indonesia. It is generally quite photogenic given its large size, brilliant colors, and calm temperament."

4. The urban semiconductor - Youngkeun Sur

"We live in an age of massive and fast transmission."

5. Surfacing - Jean-Christophe Girard Lemay

"Such a memorable day navigating the St. Lawrence (Quebec, Canada) on the CCGS Amundsen. I was assigned as official photographer for the scientific mission that took place on the ship, for two weeks and a half. On the fifth day, a beluga came to visit us very closely when we were stopped at the last sampling station."

5. Momentum - George Stastny

"We all have a driving force that keeps us moving at a forward momentum."

6. Flying over the sea - Claudio Piccoli

"I love to represent the dog as a superhero in my action shots. This dog and its owner were practicing disc dog in the water."

7. Rice Growers - Jacopo Maria Della Valle

"Rice Growers" was shot in China, a country who's quickly moving to industrialization and globalization."

You can see more photos of the winners here.

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