Hit the Open Road with the Swiss Room Box and Camp in Style

Hit the Open Road with the Swiss Room Box and Camp in Style

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As this long winter begins to fade, the ideal of camping under a warm summer moon is quite inviting. Who among us hasn't secretly or not so secretly begged for mother nature to step aside so that we could enjoy roasting marshmallows over an open flame? If only camping was more affordable with the high gas prices of today, right? Now it is, the Swiss Room Box can be placed in the back of any SUV or truck bed, allowing campers to have complete convenience without spending high dollars on extra gas created by pulling heavy camping trailers. Even medium sized wagon style cars with hatchbacks are capable of hauling a compact version of the Swiss Room Box.

The Swiss Room Box is an ideal camping alternative. It can easily turn your daily vehicle into an instant RV. The greatest feature is that it can be purchased within any budget. Primarily, this is a result of the fact that you can start with the base model and then add accessories slowly over time. The base model will easily sleep 2 people and includes an extendable double bed and table. It also has a propane stove and cooking area. Popular accessories that you'll want to eventually add are a shower with a privacy curtain, sink for washing and a tent that can be attached to the back of your vehicle.

[Image Source: RoomBox]

The sky is the limit with the Swiss Room Box, you'll have complete freedom over where and how you choose to camp. No more wasting valuable time searching for a seemingly hidden camping park. With the Swiss Room Box, you'll be able to pull into any off road area, a scenic bypass with a wooded hideaway or along any coastline. This innovative camping creation opens up a whole new world for campers of all ages. Renting or owning a motor home is no longer needed in order to camp in style. With this new freedom, you may want to rush off and stock up on chocolate and marshmallows before other new campers beat you to it.[Image Source: RoomBox]

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