Eco Pods to Grow Algae for Fuel

Eco Pods to Grow Algae for Fuel

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[Image Source: Squared Design]

Growing cities nowadays face many problems related mainly to overpopulating insufficient areas. Aerial pollution by the vehicles is one of them, as well as the pollution at all. Along with that there are many abandoned and forgotten buildings that might be of some use.

[Image Source: Squared Design]

Here comes the conceptual structure called Eco-pods that might be able to solve some urban problems. The concept was developed by Howeler + Yoon Architecture from Boston together with Square Design Lab from Los Angeles. Core of their idea is exactly an abandoned building that will be used as a scaffold, on which will be added modular pods. So far so good, but you may ask what will happen in these pods? And the answer is: algae growth. Algae is one of the most perspective sources of biofuels as the micro algae accumulate bio-diesel much faster than any other crops planted for the same purpose and they don't require soil for growth. Algae also absorb the carbon dioxide from the air along with some other waste gasses. The idea is these algae pods to be moved and rearranged by giant robotic hand in order to bring optimum lighting and conditions for algal propagation.

[Image Source: Squared Design]

The structure will also be used as an informative center where people can find out more about the algae life cycle and biofuel production process, and also scientist could handle experiments with different algal strains or species inside the pods.

Watch the video: Growing Algae in New Mexico (July 2022).


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