Accurro Baby Stroller

Accurro Baby Stroller

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Accurro Baby Stroller was designed for outdoor activities like jogging and cycling. This conceptual stroller is perfect for people who want to be parents with active style of living.

[Image Source: Tuvie]

Accurro Baby Stroller consists of 2 main parts: shell and frame. The shell is inspired by the shape of the motorcycle helmet. It uses the same materials used for motorcycle helmets manufacturing, it is lightweight and resistant to impact. Interior includes sound system to entertain the little passenger inside, it was made not to exceed certain decibel limit. Main part of the interior is an extensible seat which allows the child to sit in different positions. Two gripping systems are located on each side, which are used when the shell is attached in a car, just like baby chair.

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The frame has adjustable suspension system adaptable to the child’s weight and to the terrain. The front wheel has two springs which let you run on an off road terrain like a bumpy trail or a forest path. The front wheel is easily detachable from the frame through a simple safety system. The back wheels are as simple to detach as the front wheel is. The handle of the stroller is designed for running and it resembles the handlebars of a bike and offers support and a good grip for the person pushing the stroller. The frame can be equipped with a large variety of accessories corresponding to the customers needs. Among the features are wheel fenders, different styles of handlebars fit for speed, speedometer, signaling systems for night travellers, etc.

[Image Source: Tuvie]

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